About the blog


In September 2011 I had the pleasure to display some of my fashion pictures in a fabulous event (it was fabulous regardless my pictures :)), organized during Boston Fashion Week (yep, also Boston has a Fashion Week, give us other 5 years, and we will be better than Paris) by Baku Sunset. The photographic series that I displayed was called Think Outside the Purse (that from now on I will abbreviate in TOtP), and my ambition was to show fashion from a different point of view. I’m not sure if the goal was accomplished (showing fashion from a different point of view :)), but for sure I thought that the title can be easily and effectively “recycled” for this blog :).   — if you’re wondering what it’s wrong with my English, this means that you haven’t read the page about myself, go and read it now! —

In TOtP I will show fashion from my point of view (not my job to tell if it’s different or not). I will talk about my direct experience in the field, and about what I believe means to be a fashionably unique person in this century: elegant, creative and AWARE: know what you eat, know what you wear! (this will be my motto). I like green, animal-free products and, even if I won’t exclusively talk about them, I will talk about them a lot. I consider this blog as a discovering journey – there are tons of things about fashion and fashion sustainability that I want to learn, and that I will learn day by day, while writing my blog.

Ok, I leave you with one of the pictures of Think Outside the Purse (below).

I’m the model for the photo (I’m the one with the pink dress and blue tights.. the one on the left… no, not the one with big white ears…!), and I’m wearing a Zoya Designs unique creations. The strapless pink little dress is called ROSA, and the designer kindly realized for me a replica of it for the Barbie. All the pictures from the exhibition are online on my website: www.valentinaoppezzo.com


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