BOSTON FASHION WEEK – Saturday September 29th @theTent


When I shoot catwalks, I always wonder how it would be to sit among the dressed-up crowd and enjoy the show as a member of the audience, instead of standing for hours before and after the runway, wearing my working pants, squeezed by the other photographers, fighting for getting a good spot for taking pictures. Therefore, I decided to buy the tickets for the 5 shows presented yesterday at THE TENT, and watching the runways – and just be there – was a real blast!

The Tent is main location for Boston Fashion Week. Introduced only last year (the Tent, not BFW), has already become the place-to-be for Massachusetts fashionistas and people working in the industry.

<> The first show at 12pm was by Karina Bresnahan Swimwear – a graduate from the School of Fashion Design (where I’m taking classes right now, so she was a fellow student :)). Her swimwear has an intricate and modern design, that creates geometric patterns on the skin (below a picture from a previous runway – shot by my good friend and great photographer Archee (Jan Archee Bloch Photography)

Yesterday, Karina also presented a couple of interested pieces where she used together scuba-diving kind of fabric, and other textiles (as lace), achieving very interested results.


Fashion shows are also (or, for some people, mainly :)) social events for networking and meeting new people. Between the first and the second shows, I met fashion blogger and writer Trianna Joseph – check her blog at:!


<> The second show at 2pm was by Grace Kim for G. KIM studio. She describes her designs as <based on a system of integrated separates [..] mod and classic with interesting details>. She had some very good tailored pieces that caught my attention, in particular a couple of bright-color, cape/trench coats. I really liked the one in my video below – the open slits for your arms instead of sleeves are a detail that I’d love to see more around this coming fall.


The bag that I was carrying around yesterday was considered by many very fashionable (people stopped me to tell me that they like it :). Yes, thanks, I have a very good taste in bags 🙂 🙂 I have been asked if it was a Rebecca Minkoff design. No guys, this is H&M 🙂 and, by the way, totally leather-free!


<> The third show at 4pm was by AVNI TRIVEDI, whose collection is GREEN AND ECO-FRIENDLY (absolutely in tune with the philosophy of my blog!). The dies used are 100% natural, and the fabrics are created by artisans in the small village of Guaiarat in India. Her line combines very earthy colors with wearable and comfortable designs, for a mystical and relaxed form of elegance. Below, see my video of the final line-up:


Between this and the next show, I had a look around at the Prudential/Copley mall (the TENT is inside it) and I photographed the WEARABLE ART 2012 show by Massachusetts College students of art and design. I took pictures in particular of the non-textile/recycled materials clothes. See them here.

And then, I had a Pinkberry frozen yogurt 🙂


<> The forth show of the night, at 6pm, was by the young designer Luke Aaron, the couturier of the bunch! His collection was a wonderful blaze of drapes, pleats, organza, volume and femininity. Very romantic and a little fairy. Here’s some great pictures from last night, copyright Todd Lee Photography:


Among the people I met yesterday, not to forget photographer Susan Ogan, who works for MY SECRET BOSTON (uncovering the best of food, music and entertainment). Check it out!


<> The fifth and final show of the night, at 8pm, was for sure the most crowded and acclaimed, by Victoria Dominguez-Bagu for MariaVictoria, another fellow, former student 🙂 Victoria showed wearable, modern dresses and separates, glove-fitting on the models’ bodies, with a color palette very in trend with the season (I must say that I love bright orange clothes and accessories!). Victoria’s collection had many knits too, and a NY city vibe. Pictures from last night (below) fashionfotowire copyright:

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