FARM FEST! @ Maple Farm Sanctuary

Yesterday, we decided to rent a car to head to the FARM FEST! Where Compassion Grows fair at the MAPLE FARM SANCTUARY, Mendon MA. We’re loyal public transportation riders, but when Google Maps tells you that it can take from 3 to 12 hours to get to destination by bus, you don’t really have a choice 🙂

The Maple Farm, I quote from the pamphlet, is an animal sanctuary providing lifelong homes for abused, abandoned and unwanted animals while promoting a humane diet and respect for all life through public information.

When we arrived at ~1pm, there were already so many people at the place – a colorful, joyful crowd, enjoying like us a bright, sunny afternoon outdoor. I have to admit that my primary hope for the day was to pet and cuddle a piglet :). There were actually no piglets to hug :(, but a massive and shy pig, Jonathan, who was napping in the shadow, far away from the crowd.

Anyway – piglets or not, the farm hosts many other beautiful, rescued, animals:

– cows –> milk-cows, when they stop producing milk, are destined to being slaughtered. But sometimes the breeder gets attached to their cows – as the tour guide told us – and they don’t want the animals to die, so they send them to the sanctuary, to live long and prosper

– chickens –> chickens run free and happy at the farm. This bunch was mail-sent in a box to someone who never picked them up from the post office.

-llamas –>some beautiful, fierce, rescued llamas live at the Maple Farm. I had never seen llamas before. They’re observer. They sit with their long neck tall and up in the air, and they all look to the same direction. You really wonder what they’re looking at and what they’re thinking of. Then, if you catch their attention, they quickly trot to you, and they stare at you with curiosity. But they soon realize you’re not that interesting, and they come back to sit

– calves –> a couple of calves live inside the same pen with the llamas. It was fun to watch how the young, full or energy calves cohabit with the seraphic llamas. It was like: the calf <please, please, I want to play! let’s play! let’s play!>. The llama: <not now. I have to work. new people I haven’t stared at yet.>

– ducks, goats, a miniature pony, and much more! (you can read their stories here)

The Farm Fest included also many exhibitors, live music, food and much more. Here are some or our snapshots from the day!

…and if you’re wondering when I start talking about fashion on this post… the answer is… never! Bazinga! 🙂 Think outside your purse


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