Eco-Friendly designer Nicole Lebreux – runway photos

Last Thursday at the Liberty Hotel (Boston, MA) Fashionably Late presented the latest collection by Eco-friendly designer Nicole Lebreux. I was there by myself, because my hubby had to stay at the lab until late that night, but I met some fellow photographers and I had a good chat with them, until the extremely large crowd of the night literally swallowed them, so I left :). But not before photographing Lebreux’s collection, presented by the always gorgeous Dynasty models.

–Nicole Lebreux Original Apparel is a collection of women’s wear that has the environment and the female form in mind. [..] The garments are made out of vintage, recycled, surplus and/or other environmentally friendly fabrics. Most of the fabrics are bold and vibrant to make you smile and feel empowered while the designs are made to fit your body, exactly how it is — (

NL collection at Liberty showed, indeed, bold-colorful prints inspired by the latest 60s-70s runway trends. Fabrics with different patterns (stripes+flowers/ geometric+flowers) were worn together for a contemporary-looking vibe. Colorful, chic and wearable at the same time. And, of course, sustainable –  in Nicole’s words, being sustainable was never an option; being environmentally conscious is how I live my life so it makes no sense for my business to be run any other way (check out her interview on Bostonista)

Have a look at the clothes yourself! (pictures copyright Valentina Oppezzo Photography)


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