The Green Bride

I’ve just come back from a rainy, cold week in Italy, where the weather was lousier than ever. Luckily, I was welcomed by a rainy, cold, wintery Boston. Aahh, spring is such a great season  🙂

Fortunately, my week in Italy was warmed up by the lovely wedding ceremony of my friends Giulia and Davide, who got married on April 29th in Lauriano (a tiny village in the middle of the-middle-of-nowhere land). In contrast with the typical, very formal Italian weddings, Giulia and Davide organized an informal, easy-going reception, with an eye on recycling and an unexpected care for vegetarian/vegan guests. That gave me the inspiration for 1. playing around with PS with some old pictures (below), but, more important 2. to look for tips and ideas about how to organize a green and cruelty free wedding. Not that I’m planning to get married again 🙂

But if you’re planning your green/ animal free wedding, you can refer to 2 great books:

1. Green Bride Guide             for a earth-friendly wedding on any budget

2. Everything Vegan Wedding Book             from the dress to the cake

Or, here are some ideas for you:

a. choose cruelty-free wedding dress (no silk) and accessories (no leather) –  and don’t forget the groom shoes and belt – (no leather). Some ideas from National Geographic here

2. choose for your ceremony and reception a location that can be easily reachable by public transportation, and encourage your guests, if they’re coming by car, to carpool

3. print your invitations on recycle paper or, better, don’t print them at all – aren’t we in the digital era? You can send e-invitations

4. for food and beverage, you can buy local, organic food. If you want to take it to the next level, you can offer a meat-free menu. Vegetables can be luscious, and they look by far more elegant than anything else 🙂

5. give your friends options to give donations in your name

6. photography: don’t print your wedding pictures (you save paper and chemicals). Have your photographer creating a digital wedding album, and share it with your friends


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  1. aquanive

    Bellissimo! Io adoro le spose. Mi guardo sempre “Say yes to the dress” con i vestiti da sposa di Kleinfeld su Sky… se avessi mai avuto un’azienda di abbigliamento, sarebbe stata di abiti da sposa! E questa della sposa green è bellissima idea! Bell’articolo valentina!

  2. aquanive

    p.s.: Valentina, perché non lo scrivi anche in italiano e ci metti qualcosa sugli animali, su come proteggerli e non coinvolgerli negli sprechi del matrimonio che lo pubblichiamo sul facebook di Code di Stampa?

  3. anch’io guardo quel programma – non mi capita mai di vederlo qua, in realta’, ma lo guardo quando sono in Italia su RealTime 🙂 ti ringrazio molto per il commento!!

  4. in risposta al ps.: certo, ottima idea! appena lo scrivo te lo mando via email

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