Improve your image! – exclusive interview with Doris Klietmann, Image Consultant

There’s no need to tell you how important is to give a good first impression – when you have a job interview, when you’re meeting potential clients, when you’re out to make new friends while what you’re really looking for (be honest) is to find a date, etc.

If you believe that it’s time to give your image a makeover, but you don’t really know how to start, keep on reading! I had recently the pleasure to meet Doris Klietmann, international certified image professional working here in Boston, and specialized in training executives and entrepreneurs managing their personal and professional image. Ms. Klietmann shares with us 7 tips to improve your image (for men, and for women), while Think Outside the Purse implements her useful tips with eco-friendly products ideas.

Before/after makeover portraits by me (taken at Valentina Oppezzo Photography Studio, stylized by Ms. Klietmann, makeup and hair by Coco Grace)

If, after reading the article, you have any question about your image-makeover for Doris, please don’t hesitate to write it below, in the “comment” section!

7 Tips to improve your image – FOR WOMEN:

1) Hair:  See a hair stylist to determine the right color and cut of your hair to enhance your facial shape. Get a hair cut and color regularly. Make sure to remove overgrown facial hair and shape your eye brows. Glasses: should complement your facial shape.  Update your glasses every 2 years.

eco-chic idea for glasses: Juicy Couture Debuts “Choose Green” Eco-Sunglasses Collection

2) Makeup: Apply makeup to enhance your features and even your skin tone. Let a qualified makeup artist teach you how to apply your perfect make up. Have a good skin cleansing and moisturizing routine.

eco-chic idea for makeup: Adorn Mineral Cosmetics – Vegan, Cruelty Free

3) Well manicured nails: Nails should be clean and neatly trimmed. Cuticles pushed back. Remove chipped nail polish.

eco-chic idea for nail polish: ZOYA, Vegan Friendly Nail Polish – see also article on Sexy Vegetarian about Zoya

4) Teeth and dental care: Stained and crooked teeth and bad breath are image breakers. Visit your dentist regularly and brush and floss at least once a day to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh. White teeth make you look youthful and healthy.

5) Handbag/ shoes: A new stylish handbag gives an “older” outfit an instant updated and fresh look. The bag has to be in proportion with the body size and shape. Stylish new shoes combined with a chic bag will attract instant attention and admiration.

eco-chic idea for bags: Fendi – Recycled Bags – my previous post here on TOTP!

6) Caring and maintaining your clothes: You clothes have to be in good condition, mended, pressed, cleaned and without any stains.

7) Posture! Walk tall, confident and smile!


7 Tips to improve your image – FOR MEN:

1) Haircut: The most visible way to improve your image is a perfect haircut. The hair has to frame and accentuate the shape of the face. The structure of the hair and your facial shape greatly dictates which haircut will be the perfect one for you. Your hair should always be dandruff free and clean. The money spent for a good hairdresser is money well invested. Make sure to cut your hair every 4-6 weeks.

2) Grooming and skin care: Your face will be seen first and then the focus will shift to your hands. Be clean shaven, facial hair, like a mustache or beard should be neatly trimmed. Hair growing from nose and/or ears should be removed. Make sure that your nails are clean and nicely shaped. Don’t wear overwhelming scents.

eco-chic idea: Lemon Sage Whipped Shea Butter – 100% natural, Cruelty Free, & Vegetarian

3) Teeth – make sure that your teeth are clean, in perfect condition and white. White and healthy teeth are sexy and actually make you appear younger.

eco-chic idea: Dr. Sharp Mint Mouthwash – cruelty free and vegan

4) Glasses are a fantastic way to enhance the assets of your facial shape. Frames should always complement your face. Update your glasses every two years.

5) Clothes: Clothes have to enhance your body and fit right, they never should fit tight. Clothes have to look as if they had been made for you. Make sure to buy the best quality you can afford on classic basic items, such as a suit, coat, and blazer. Pay attention to the collar, buttons, length, cuffs and fit. A shirt always should be tucked into your pants. Do not wear short sleeves. Your clothes should be clean and pressed.

6) Accessories: A nice way to always look up-to-date is to buy at least 1 new tie per season. The tip should fall comfortably on your belt buckle. Stay with simple patterns.

eco-chic idea: Non-silk Jaan J. Vegan ties – discover more about why silk is not cruelty free here

7) Shoes and Belts: Should always be clean, polished and without any scuffs. Belts should match the color of the shoes. Socks – should match the pant color or the color of the shoes and should cover the calf in height.


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