24 Hour Catwalk and animal products

Alexa, Alexa… you’re possibly one of the most stylish models around (and not only because of your posh accent), but the tv program that you hosts (24 hour catwalk, on My Lifetime), well, experienced – in my opinion – a major faux pas on Episode 2, entitled “Costume”.

Long story short, in each episode, 2 selected designers have to design a collection of 3 looks in 24 hours. During episode 2, right after Alexa announces that the collections have to portray superheroes characters, one of the 2 designers tells to the other: You really should not use fur or leather, you know, they kill animals to do that. As a response, the other designer says: But people eat these […] It’s better than polyester […] and, talking to the camera: I like to use nice fabrics, and he (the other guy) likes to use cheap crap…

So, let’s give a face to these 2 people. The person who defends animal rights is this guy here:

and he wants people to call him Indashio, while the other person is this girl:

whose name I don’t remember, so for the sake of this post, she will be “NiceFabricsUser”. (these are screenshots from the episode)

Maybe you don’t get it from the picture, but the guy is completely, totally nuts. He jumps and screams for the entire time, he shows his bare butt to the cameras, he talks about him in 3rd person, he has a total melt-down and leaves the studio when he realizes he won’t win. The sewing team and judges agree about the fact that he can’t design and can’t sew. “NiceFabricUser” instead, a part from her slightly annoying pitch of voice, is a lovely, nice girl.

To sum up, Indashio is crazy and he’s not a real designer. Indashio don’t use leather and fur. The girl is talented, her collection wins, she likes “nice fabrics” and she uses leather because it’s a nice fabric. Leather and fur and nice fabrics. Alternative fabrics are (in her own words) crap.

Thanks 24hour catwalk for clarifying.

..so, this is the message that My Lifetime is giving… I mean, don’t take me wrong, I love the channel but… really? …REALLY?

You can argue that it’s not My Lifetime fault if Indashio loves animals but, at the same time, it’s out of his mind. I would reply that the entire episode is edited in order to show how crazy the guy is; that they ask the girl to reply to his statement; and – come on – they broadcast in 1 hour a program that is 24 hours long. They could have simply cut out those words from the episode, and leave them in the 23 hours that we don’t see on tv!!

The point is that: whether you like Polyester or not, it’s not true that “other” fabrics but fur and leather are not “nice” – there are on the market plenty of other options alternative to animal products – good quality and affordable price options. I know, leather has been used for garments from the beginning of time, but since NOW we have the chance to use materials that don’t require killing living souls, why don’t we stop for a moment to think about what we can do from now on, and not about what we have done so far?

And yes, but people eat these, as she says, but is this real an excuse? Would you be more willing to wear, I don’t know, a panda fur if you knew that someone ate his flash before? Again, the key is thinking from now on, considering all the resources now available (in terms of fabric, food etc.)

Oh well, in my opinion, someone at My Lifetime realized at some point that they needed to put things right, and they asked to the contestants of the latest episode, entitled “Animal Instinct”, to design using fake fur – during the show, it was stressed several time that the fur was fake, faux, synthetic, no pandas 🙂 They also put a kitty in the box, to show that they looove animals… and who doesn’t like kitties? Unfortunately, one of the contestants, who wanted that thing away from me as soon as possible 🙂


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  1. I totally agree with your sentiment. The media loves to portray people with respect for animals as either insane or dirty hippies. It’s obnoxious, considering it’s a known fact that many animals killed for their fur and hide are in fact *not* consumed (and vice versa).

    It’s an example of the media trying to “educate” the malleable masses. Thankfully people (such as yourself) are able to see past the ruse. 😉

  2. See Valentina, this is why we love your blog! You address touch subjects others may not want to discuss. WE admire you…keep it up girl!
    xx ~ http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com

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