My day @ New York Fashion Week

If you had called me at the phone last Friday, I would have told you (aloud, so people could hear me, clearly showing-off :)): <Daarling, I cant’ speak at the phone right now [so, why did I answer?], I’m going to Lincoln Center to attend a show at NY Fashion Week!>. Unfortunately, nobody called me last Friday, a part from my mother, who is always worried when I go to NY because of terrorists hidden at every corner (don’t tell her that 10 days ago my husband and I spent the night in the building right next <– to Ground Zero :)). So, since I didn’t have the chance to flaunt my experience at the phone, here I am πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Last Friday, I went to NY to attend the fashion show of Rebecca Minkoff atΒ  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, thanks to a giveaway organized by Snapette. The fabulous girls of Snapette Iphone App (Jinhee, Sarah in the picture/ Sanby snapping it) brought me to the show and took great care of me while I was wondering around puzzled and overwhelmed by being at NY FASHION WEEK!! (how many times will I write NY FW in this post?? :)).

If you go to NY FW for the first time, it’s more about the experience than about the show itself. It’s about being at Lincoln Center, surrounded by fashionable tall girls in stylish outfits waiting for photographers to take pictures of them; photographers shooting fashionable tall girls hoping they will become the next big celebrity in fashion; trying to spot real celebrities; booths of sponsors serving champagne and I’m sure delicious bites of food that I can’t even look at being vegetarian; waiting forever in line with a crowd vibrating in expectation; finally, being tossed in a gigantic auditorium with more than 1 thousand people, with a rapper singing that you should know because he’s for sure famous, but you don’t have any idea of who he is (for the records, he was rapper Theophilus London); and then, the models on the runway: fast, cool, in front of your eyes but so far from you and inaccessible (they don’t pose at the end of the runway as I see it’s done in Boston – they just walk and go); hundreds of photographers packed each one in a space not larger of their cameras; and then clapping, Rebecca Minkoff, and the crowd pushes you outside the auditorium and suddenly, everything it’s over. A part from your excitement, which will stay with you for a long long time.

I’ve decided: for the next NY fashion week during the fall, I want to send my application to be there as an accredited photographer. I’m very thin, I’m sure they can find a tiny spot for me squeezed among the other photographers πŸ™‚

So well, that was my first NY FW… am I forgetting something…? Sure, the clothes! πŸ™‚ You can have a look yourself at the collection on the Rebecca Minkoff official page (there is a video of this runway on the intro page), or read more about it here. What I think about the collection presented? I founded it fresh, young, wearable and in tone with the current trends of color-blocking, bold prints, orange tones.

(photos: Reuters – available on Fashion and Life)


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  1. It sounds amazing, I’d love to visit NY FW before I’m old πŸ™‚


  2. Valentina

    NY FW, come on Valeee, that’s amaizing:-) I hope Fra enjoyed it as much as you did, xoxo


  3. Thanks so much Valentina for coming down! We loved this blog post and will be sure to post it to our FB today!

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