Karl didn’t pick me, but Snapette did :)

Yesterday, I was entering the T station and picking up a copy of Metro, while I noticed that it was the special edition with Karl Lagerfeld as global guest editor. Oh, right! That means that I didn’t win the competition to become his editorial assistant for that special day. If I had won, I would have spent Monday February 6th in the Metro Paris newsroom with him, and not moving heavy stuff in my studio in the morning, and trying to recover from back pain doing yoga in the afternoon.

Metro organized a contest for becoming his assistant, and I was among the finalists. I waited, full of hopes, for an email from Metro inviting me to Paris, but I waited and waited, and then I picked up the special edition that killed all my hopes :).

Oh well, all my congratulations to the winner, AÍDA ROMINA GÓMEZ VILLARELLO from Mexico, her LookBook is remarkably stylish. I particularly like her “Sixties” <–pictures, with her Twiggy eyelashes, and the photograph that she called “Gravity”, which I find very editorial and

<– ethereal. Good job girl! I hope you enjoyed Paris 🙂

Speaking of the special issue, it was entertaining, even if I was expecting more. The copy issued in Boston includes an interview with the man (<I’m of no generation. I’m from every generation> is probably the most iconic quote from the interview, interview that you can read here); an article about Haider Ackermaan, whom Karl named as the guy he’d like to succeed him at Chanel, and pictures of the KARL collection styled by fashionable women from all around the world (here) – no need to say that the style that I prefer is the one by Eleonora Carisi, the Italian one 🙂

<–I only wish I knew if the clutch, which I love, is made by real or faux leather (if this is the first post you read on my blog, you may not know that I prefer not-animal-products to animal-products). Speaking of which, the brand new KARL collection includes, surprisingly, several faux leather pieces (mixed together with real leather pieces.. which in a way I don’t understand… let’s take a stand! :)). You can find them at: http://www.net-a-porter.com/Shop/Designers/Karl/All?pn=1&viewall=off – faux leather items below:















Btw, I’ve almost forgotten to tell you: I won a ticket for the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show at the Lincoln Center, NY, during NY fashion week, thanks to Snapette! I’m going on Friday. So excited! 🙂


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