At Mood – NY

Call me silly, but I am a big, big fan of the tv series Project Runway 🙂 So yesterday, when my husband and I arrived in New York City, we immediately stop by MOOD to have a look at the most famous store in town for designer fabrics.
(For my many, many, Italian readers :-), Project Runway is a tv competition for upcoming designers, pretty famous here in the US, and Mood is the store where they shop for fabrics they need to complete the challenges)
I was a little bit disappointed by the outside of the store, it looks nothing like it looks on tv. On the second and third floor of an old building, it looks dusty and messy. But inside, instead, it’s exciting, with an huuuuge selection of fabrics and many, many tourists 🙂
Following, pics taken inside the store, a pic of me with my original Mood’s tote bag, and of the 2 fabrics I purchased.







FEB 14th – a brief addendum to this post. I’ve just watched latest episode of Project Runway (broadcasted on Feb 9th, 5 days after my trip to Mood), and Mondo Guerra (whom I am a big big fan of) purchased the same fabric I bought, the yellow one!!! For some inexplicable reasons, I feel very proud of myself 🙂 🙂

(on the right: tv screenshot from My Lifetime)


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  1. aquanive

    io le guardo sempre tutte le puntate di Project Runway. Sono davvero belle|

  2. You’re so lucky! How was it in real life? No Tim Gunn around?

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