What is going on in Boston?

… speaking of fashion (of course), Boston offers many chances to attend shows of local designers. The Liberty Hotel is well known for the FASHIONABLY LATE events: every Thursday night at 10pm, you can enjoy a runway show, each time from a different designer/brand/boutique.

Check it out: pictures from Samuel Vartan‘s collection, presented at the Liberty Hotel in January, Dynasty Models & Talent, pictures by VOP (Valentina Oppezzo Photography.. yep, I know, it’s also the acronym for Very Ordinary People… :))

PHOTOGRAPHIC TIPS – shooting at the Liberty:

The Liberty Hotel hall is visually stunning – high ceiling, brick walls, open spaces.

Usually, models start walking from the second floor, all around the balcony, then disappear 🙂 to reach the main floor from the escalator. Once on the main floor, they step up on 2/3 elevated stations where they can be photographed.

While the balcony-floor is not always opened to photographers a part from the official ones, the main one is accessible to everyone. A good spot to photograph models could be when they reach the floor from the elevator (they usually stop and pose), but the place is usually too crowded to have a good, clear view of them (without other people’s arms or drinks in the frame) when they’re on the floor…

Luckily, the elevated stations are specifically made for photographers for taking good full body pictures of the models (the main one is right in front of the escalator). 2 are the disadvantages though:

– the point of view is not one of the best, being lower than the surface where models stand. Not always flattering. well, the taller (you, or the position of your camera), the better 🙂

– having the Liberty an extremely tall/dome-like ceiling, bouncing your flash light is pretty impossible (yet, the balcony may bounce slightly your flash light). A useful tool in this situational can be a flash light bouncer – I have a Rogue Flash Bender, that I use together with a flash diffuser


If you spot me photographic at the Liberty (here I am) – I intend to go there more often – stop to say hi! 🙂 or “ciao” 🙂


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  1. Nice, was here last week on Friday though. Great place, hadn’t been since it opened a while back.

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