Right now

…my first post from my phone.. I’m on fire today! So..what is what I’m wearing right now made of? (Follow-up of my previous post).
I’m going to a couple of friends’ farewell party (the guys are moving to California, lucky bastards! :)), and I’m wearing:


Rayon (?!), Nylon, Spandex, Acrylic, Polyester, Polyamide, Viscose, Angora, Wool, Faux Fur. Shoes: Fabric, Man-made materials.
So I’m wearing some animal materials (as wool) but I’m not wearing any leather. I’m not wearing my watch – I have been wearing it since my graduation, is a gift from my parents, but I’m pretty sure the strap or whatever is called in English is in leather. Oh well, I will buy a new one.
And I will google some of these materials in the next few days. Now I’m ready to have dinner 🙂



February 1st 2012 – Just a brief addendum to my post of yesterday. As the ??!! shows, I was perplexed about Rayon (and not only, but in particular about it). So I’ve browsed my brand new Fabric for Fashion: The swatch book, delivered at my door yesterday afternoon, and I’ve discovered that it’s a manufactured, regenerated cellulose fibre. The name was first used in the USA in 1924. In Europe it was referred to as viscose or art silk, because it was an inexpensive alternative to real silk [page 68]. So, as far as I can get from this description, thumb up for the rayon, because real silk is thumb down.



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