It’s just about the right question

Let’s face it, here in the US (or I should say, here in Boston) people like to openly tell you, when you walk on the street, if they like what you’re wearing or not. It’s not uncommon, if you’re wearing something cute (or simply different from the Bostonian typical uniform – Red Sox/Bruins/Harvard sweater and cap 🙂 :)), that strangers on the T tell you: <oh, I looooove your scarf/shoes/hat/whatever you’re wearing!>.

This may sound normal to you, but for Italians is not. In Italy people don’t stop you on the street to tell you how much they love what you’re wearing. If they like what you’re wearing, they may look at you from head to toe, in a moment of silent envy, and then keep walking to their destinations, thinking “how come that that bitch look more stylish than me? I need new shoes”. Not even friends, unless are close friends, dare to tell you that they like what you’re wearing. Never show fashion weakness. Act as you’re the most stylish of the bunch.

Anyway, usually, a lover of your outfit, needs to ask you questions: – …where did you buy it?? – ; – …what is the brand?? -; or even – …was that expensive? -. These are the typical questions that we ask about fashion, and we usually know the answers. But there is a question that, until few time ago, had literally never popped up in my mind, and pretty rarely in conversations, when thinking/talking about cloths…:

– what is it made of? –

Sure, it doesn’t sound so important, but it’s something that I’m wearing in physical contact with my skin, it’s something that defines myself, it’s something that I payed for, so I’m supporting its industry.. When I started asking myself – what is it made of? – new questions popped up in my mind: is it moral to wear animal skins? is this material green? what does “organic” literally means?

Even if you have no ideas of the answers right now, the questions themselves make you questioning (which is their job – good job questions!) if what you have been doing so far is the right way, at least for you, or not.

So – what is what you’re wearing made of? –

(- di cosa e’ fatto cio’ che indossi?-)


<– I know what I would wear is made of! 🙂 Great color-blocking shoes, but with a platform that makes my ankles twisting just by looking at them. By Madden Girl – I found this brand while browsing on Recently, all the shoes wore by models during the fashion shows I shoot have a thick platform. I wish I could walk with these. Love red, orange and pink together. They are made of fabric and man-made materials.


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